Electrical Services

Electrical Installations (Special Assessments):
•    Substation Non Intrusive LV/HV, Control System and
Compound Surveys.

Supplies And Services Associated With High Voltage
Alternating Current Distribution Systems:
•    Substations
•    HV Cabling
•    Trackside Equipment

Supplies And Services Associated With Low Voltage
Alternating Current Distribution Systems:
•    Substations
•    LV Cabling
•    Trackside Equipment

Substation Switchgear, (Including Control &
•    HV Transformers
•    HV Cabling

Track Maintenance

Aaron Rail permanent way maintenance Services:-

At Aaron rail we understand the tight budgets that are associated with the
maintenance of permanent way and private sidings, which coincides with the
necessity to have an fit operational railway, as time is money. With this
in mind we offer as part of our maintenance contracts to set up a
maintenance plan which will create a work bank, to minimise the reactive
maintenance issues which is commonly associated with sidings, and integrate
a planned maintenance scheme to suit the operations on the track.

Our maintenance team consists of highly skilled and sentinel trained
individuals to ensure that you would have the expertise at your disposal if
required to answer or assist with problems or queries which may arise.

Our maintenance team consists of:

* level 4 line speed handback engineers,

* Level 1 & 2 Stress engineers

* TR06 trained inspectors

* TR00 track induction

* Pts AC/DC operatives

* COSS/SWL1 AC/DC Operatives

* Points operators/inspectors

PEM & LEM operator

Aaron Rail personnel are trained in operating PEM-LEM S&C Switch Handling Systems, which are used to remove, install and transport S&C installations on high-speed railway.

The system comprises two elements:

  • Telescopic Switch Handling Machine “PEM”. The PEM machines provide the lifting and slewing function, and are the units that lift and walk the S&C installations when removing or installing.
  • Motorised Lifting Transportation Trolley “LEM”. The LEM trolleys can be placed under the lifted S&C installation, and are used to transport it along the railway. The trolleys are all self-powered and unlike earlier S&C handling systems, do not require an external traction source.

Site security

Aaron Rail provides professional security services to a range of rail and infrastructure projects across the UK. We offer a comprehensive service tailored to our client’s unique needs, and in turn guarantee a highly-specialised and experienced level of service. We understand the pressures on the rail and infrastructure industries, and help to ensure that construction and enabling projects run as smoothly as possible.

We design, supply and install bespoke CCTV systems for use on rail and infrastructure projects as well as a wide range of access control systems. We are also able to provide trackside security for upgrade works, compound security to major sites and trained and experienced site access controllers (SACs).

Our employees and sites are consistently monitored and audited, in order to continually uphold and improve our performance.

Lineside fencing

Aaron Rail can supply, install and maintain pedestrian-style barriers, traditional timber site hoardings and the Vortok clip on track worker protection fences.

Our permanent fencing solutions include the supply and installation of traditional timber post and wire, post and rail and stock proof fencing, along with galvanised palisade, weldmesh, chain-link and security fencing.

All our fences and gate products are installed to a high standard in accordance with the relevant British Standard and Network Rail Company Standards.

Site access steps

Aaron Rail can provide permanent and temporary site access steps which provide an easy-to-install system for use alongside roads, railways and other utility embankments. Access steps can be composed of a range of materials depending on their requirements; this includes concrete, steel and composite materials. The systems comprises of modular components that can be quickly installed saving time and money over conventional methods. Handrails can be fitted to directly to units to offer additional safety and reassurance.

Trough routing and laying

Aaron Rail can deliver all your trough works, from planning routes to laying the infrastructure. Our highly-trained team has fantastic knowledge of all of the latest systems used in the railway industry and can advise as to what the best infrastructure to use would be.

From the outset, we can piece together straights, curves, transitions and tees to ensure you have a trough system that is fit-for-purpose.

Track Drainage

Aaron Rail specialises in track and civil drainage. We can perform track survey drainage ranging from CCTV inspection and drainage surveys using dye testing.

We work to improve and standardise the quality of products accepted for use in Britain’s railways and supply the rail industry with a comprehensive range of fully integrated drainage systems for use in Permanent-Way.

Aaron Rail has considerable experience of maintaining rail drainage as well as a wealth of experience of working alongside rail asset owners and tier-one contractors to deliver practical rail drainage and infrastructure solutions.

Our highly-experienced project managers and workforce are qualified in rail environments and can rapidly mobilise experienced crews and specialist equipment for reactive services. Your requirements dictate what service mix we deliver, whether that is a mix of reactive and planned works, reactive only or one-off projects.

Cable Pulling

Aaron Rail has a dedicated cable pulling team and is able to install into trench, duct, risers and all forms of cable containment, offering a complete service to the railway industry.

Cable installations range from fibre optic and small multicore LV cables to large HV power cables.

For every project the pulling mechanisms and systems are carefully designed to suit the application using hand techniques and also mechanical winches.

To assist on our projects our installation teams also carry out erection and assembly of cable support structures.

Blue and White Collar Labour

At Aaron Rail, we supply blue and white collar labour ranging from PC reps to Project Directors. We specialise in the provision of safety-critical blue-collar workers, from PTS Operatives to safety critical staff i.e. Crane Controllers, ES, COSS and SWL1/2. Whether you need labourers to help deliver bridge, platform or any other rail-based projects, we can provide that shot in the arm to ensure your projects remain on course for completion.

Our rail and civil labour supply service can fulfil the needs of those companies that employ fully-trained rail staff yet may require extra staff to cover peaks in work or those that rely entirely on agency staff on either short-term or long-term basis.

Aaron Rail has a dedicated recruitment division with an extensive database of competency tested, referenced and fully-qualified engineering and rail staff, giving us the ability to offer a very high-quality, personal service.

All of our staff are ICI trained and OLEC1 as a minimum.